Introducing new dimensions in Modular Synthesizers

Modern modular synthesizers are amongst the most creative machines. But why should we continue to work like if we are still in the 60's, with the first generation of modular machines ?

Our products are based on the assumption that modern technologies can bring fascinating new possibilities to any modular synthesizers :
  • Digital Signal Processors
  • iPad applications dedicated to modular world
  • RTP-MIDI based Control Voltage distribution

Here comes iPCM4, the first iPad application dedicated to modular synthesizers...

We are extremely proud to announce our new product : iPCM4

iPCM4 is the first iOS application specifically created to use iPads within modular synthesizer environments. It features a powerful oscillator engine designed to produce waveforms that are impossible to produce with any other oscillator module.

It can also be used as a polyphonic standalone synthesizer. When coupled with a modular synthesizer, the application brings paraphonic mode (yes, you can play chords on your modular now...)

Each voice of the iPCM4 is made of four independent oscillators, offering 204 waveforms that can be mixed and detuned independently.

iPCM4 is now available on AppStore :

For presets, user's manual, etc : see

New release on the way : a bug has been found in V1.1.0 which forces modulation wheel control to 0 on some presets. Version 1.2.0 will be released very soon in order to correct this bug.

HORUS DSP : multifunction DSP module

HORUS DSP is the first module designed for modular synthesizers based on plugin technology : one module, multiple functions
Following firmwares are available (other firmwares are being developed and will be available soon) :
  • PolyOscillator : four saw/square/triangle oscillators with mixing and stacking capabilities
  • PolyFilter : a dual multimode DCF/DCA
  • Harmonic Oscillator : a dual harmonic oscillator, with endless wave generation capabilities

The SEQ3X64 application is available on AppStore:

The video tutorial is here :